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According to the report of the International Energy Agency "Coal 2018, Analysis and forecast 2023", global coal consumption returned to the level before 2017. After two years, when decrease was recorded, the demand for this source of energy increased by 1% and reached the value of 7 585 million tones which is 38 % in the energy mix. The reason of the growing consumption of coal was the increase in industrial production caused by global economic growth as well as the increase in electricity demand.

Despite the attention which media are still given to the decarbonisation, market trends are resistant to change. Coal as the source of electricity production is the main topic of debate on climate policy. In addition, there are talks about the elimination of coal used for heating while, on the other hand, that source is still the most preferred source mainly due to its price.

The prediction are that the global demand for the coal will be stable in the next five years. Declines recorded in Europe and the United States are compensate by the increase of coal consumption in India and other Asian countries.