According to the latest German Global Coal Exit List (GCEL), developed by the Urgewald association in cooperation with 30 non-governmental organizations, a significant number of coal companies from around the world intend to continue implementing new coal projects.The authors of the report analyzed data on 935 companies, incl. coal-fired power plants or those in which more than 20% of sales or electricity generation comes from coal. As many as 437 of them are planning to build new coal-fired power plants, mines or coal transport infrastructure, and in total these investments are to reach even 520 GW of capacity. Chinese companies remain the leader in these investments, i.e. China Energy, which is planning to build 43 GW of coal power, China Datang (34 GW), China Huaneng (29 GW) and China Huadian (15 GW), accordingly. Behind them, in fifth place, with a planned installation of 14 GW, was the National Thermal Power Corporation from India.What's more, the report also shows that since the signing of the Paris Agreement, 137 GW of coal-produced power has increased in the world - this is as much as already in Russia, Japan and Germany altogether.

It turns out that fossil fuels still play an important role in the energy strategy of most countries in the world, as evidenced by the fact that fewer than 25 companies on the GCEL have set a deadline for decarbonisation.