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According to a study published by the think tank "The Shift Project", the use of energy by the information and communication sector (ICT) is growing by 9% each year, which in turn brings intensified emission of greenhouse gases. A paradox arises at this point, because digitization is widely regarded as a process definitely conducive to the reduction of human impact on the environment. Although, the authors of the report estimate that this sector will be responsible for the emission of 4% of total CO2 emitted to the atmosphere in 2020. Quoting Mr Jean-Marc Jancovici, a member of the French climate council, "We usually assume that if a process is digitized, it becomes he is also dematerialized. The truth is that every bit of data has a bit of mining and processing of metals annd oil, production, transport and construction of physical infrastructure, as well as energy production from coal and gas". The report emphasizes that the most effective way to reduce the negative impact on the environment by the ICT sector is the rational use of equipment of a quality allowing for their longer use.