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The VDKI Coal Importers Association (Verein Der Kohlenimporteure) presented a report from research carried out by Deloitte: "Assessment of the flexibility of coal-fired power plants in the integration of renewable energy in Germany". Research shows that coal-fired power plants are flexible, and their existence in German power system could guarantee security of supply with a 70% increase in the share of energy produced from renewable sources.In addition, the established decarbonisation process threatens security of supply.In technical terms, the existing park of coal-fired power plants in Germany (2018) could absorb and integrate the growing proportion of variable renewable energies by 50%, 60% or 70%, without jeopardizing the reliability of electricity supply.However, the average capacity utilization of existing coal-fired power plants would drop to 15-30% depending on the scenario. In periods of bad weather, i.e. periods of limited generation from wind and solar power plants, lasting one to three days, coal power plants produce twice as much electricity as the daily average.What's more, research shows that coal-fired power plants would now be an option accompanying the further expansion of renewable energy sources during adverse weather, with modern coal-fired power units being even more favorable in terms of emissions than open-circuit gas turbines.