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Activists from Extinction Rebellion Poland, a socio-political movement lobbying against passivity in the face of climate change, state in their declarations that if we do not take appropriate action immediately, we will soon destroy everything that is most valuable to us: the ecosystems in which we live, our civilization, our communities, and the future of our children and future generations. (...) We are witnessing a rapid warming of the climate and the sixth mass extinction. If we do not take radical, decisive steps immediately, our species will also be destroyed. Michael Schellenberger, a climate journalist, completely disagreed with the words of the association. In his opinion, there are currently no scientific statements that climate change is threatening the collapse of civilization or the extinction of mankind.Greenpeace activists are also following the position of activists from Extinction Rebellion Polska, claiming that the climate crisis also has a huge impact on the natural world and is even associated with the death of entire ecosystems.(...) Ecosystems are of fundamental importance for human life, they are a kind of safety buffer. An example would be glaciers, which are an important source of drinking water in many regions of the world, especially in Asia - says Marek Józefiak, spokesperson for Greenpeace.Which in turn was questioned by the statement of prof. Mirosław Miętus, oceanographer and climatologist, employee of the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management PIB. The professor says that by 2050 the destruction of humanity will probably not occur, but it is possible to raise the sea level due to overheating. Approaches such serious as climate change or global warming should be approached with seriousness and distance - there have been many announcements of the apocalypse and, as it turns out, they were far from the truth.