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Currently in Germany there are about 27,000 onshore wind turbines, and most of them require - due to the degree of degradation - disassembly by 2021.The Federal Environmental Protection Agency (UBA) indicates that Germany is not prepared to dispose all of used wind turbines.The agency also draws attention to the threat to society and the environment that may result in improper recycling of plastics from which rotor blades are made. In addition, the economic situation of many German operators may deteriorate, since the lifetime of the turbines is about 20-30 years, so those built after 2000 will probably be dismantled, especially since, according to experts, they are already inefficient and support for wind farms under the Act on renewable energy sources will expire in the coming years.In this regard, Maria Krautzberger, President of UBA, highlighted that the federal and local governments should prepare appropriate procedures for recycling wind turbines so that this process takes place in a safe and orderly manner.