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The European Commission intends to introduce a new element of European Green Deal, i.e. a mechanism to adjust prices at the borders taking into account CO2 emissions.Due to the fact that in 2017-2019 energy import from outside the European Union increased by 700 percent, what caused an additional emission of 11 million tons of carbon dioxide, representatives of the Polish Electricity Committee (PKEE) indicate that this mechanism should be mainly targeted at energy import from countries that are not covered by the EU Emission Trading Sytem (ETS).In addition, PKEE notes that energy production in installations not covered by environmental protection regulations leads to financial losses that could be transferred, e.g. to support energy transition in the European Union. Only in 2019, as a result of energy imports from "third countries", EU Member States lost over 600 million euros.In the opinion of PKEE, these funds would be not only support for the Member States, but also the opportunity to increase ambition in the implementation of climate policy.